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Acoustic Neuroma Success Story

Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra Successfully Remove Acoustic Neuroma and Save a True Family Man!

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra were the two surgeons who performed my surgery. Having interviewed a number of surgeons across the country, including the Mayo Clinic, I chose Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra over everyone else. For a variety of reasons, Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra recommended the translabrythine approach for removing my 2.5cm vestibular schwannoma. It was also apparent they had perfected this approach over many years of performing surgery together. They indicated that their primary focus would be preserving my facial nerve and complete (or near-total resection) of the tumor. While inherently sacrificing my hearing in my right ear with this approach, I knew these surgeons had the correct priorities plus the experience to make it happen. Some other surgeons at different institutions placed a focus on hearing preservation with a retrosigmoid approach, but the odds of hearing preservation were extremely low and the downsides to this approach did not sit well with me. In our interview, my wife and I had many questions for Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra. Both surgeons were extremely patient with us, and they were kind and thorough in their answers. We also really appreciated that Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra would be performing the entirety of my surgery, not residents in training like some institutions do. If you press, you’ll find out that some institutions have residents perform the majority of surgery—with the experienced surgeons largely observing. Given the delicateness of this brain surgery, I preferred that only the best hands work on me.

Pre-Op Appt

This took place a couple days before my surgery at the Dallas Medical City Hospital where my surgery would also take place. This appt involved blood work, urine analysis, and a general fitness/risk assessment to get cleared for surgery. The hospital staff and floor doctor perform this assessment. If I had not already met with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra, I could’ve met them at this time.


My surgery took place at Dallas Medical City Hospital (although they also operate out of Baylor University). Before I was wheeled into surgery, I had some final questions for Dr. Hahn. I also met some of the operating room nursing staff and the anesthesiologist. I felt at peace and was ready to go. The procedure lasted 9 hours. My wife received updates (mostly text updates) throughout the procedure.


Although every patient and tumor is different, my results were everything I had hoped and prayed for. My tumor was 98%-100% removed. The facial nerve was completely preserved, and I did not even have temporary facial weakness. They were also able to preserve my cochlear nerve for a potential implant procedure down the road. To me, this was a picture perfect outcome. That said, the first 12-24 hours following surgery are largely miserable. There was a good amount of dizziness, nausea, and general headache type pain—all normal experiences post-surgery. The compression dressing over the incision site is quite uncomfortable, but only necessary for the first day or so. I met with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra on separate occasions in the ICU. I again had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for these surgeons and their amazing job well done. The very next morning after surgery, a physical therapist got me out of bed and walking the ICU floor with a gait belt (no walker needed). By the end of the first day after surgery, I was walking unassisted (albeit fairly slow and still dizzy). The dizziness and nausea continued to improve each day. Just over two weeks following surgery, I went to the zoo with my family—walking at least a couple hours. My strength and energy continue to improve, but I still need to nap each day at just over two weeks out. I’m also already easing back into my remote work.

I can’t say enough great things about the ICU nursing staff at Dallas Medical City. They were all fantastic, kind, and helpful in every way. They were key in helping me find the best pain management that worked well for me. After I left the hospital, I was just fine with Tylenol. In total, I spent 3 nights in the ICU and was discharged directly from the ICU. If they had more hospital beds, it’s my understanding I probably would have have spent only 2 nights in the ICU and one in the hospital.

Dr. Hahn’s medical assistant and office staff were also terrific. They were very responsive and so helpful, particularly to my wife who corresponded with them on a number of occasions.


There were a number of contributing factors that I believe supplemented the expertise of Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra for an amazing success. These contributing factors included exercise, diet, faith, and meditation. 1) I actively exercised before surgery. Then following surgery, I’ve done one to two walks per day (with increasing distance as I’ve gained more strength). This physical activity has helped me find my equilibrium more quickly. 2) We’ve eaten pretty clean the past few years (low sugar, low gluten, lots of fruit and vegetables). Before and after surgery, I ate lots of anti-inflammatory foods. No added sugars following surgery. 3) I am a man of faith and believe in the power of prayer. Many family members, friends, and neighbors were all praying for me. I intently sought God’s help with my surgery and recovery, and on many occasions over the past couple of weeks I felt God’s hand in my life. I also went into my surgery feeling a complete peace that all would be well. 4) Meditation. When I found out about my tumor, I started to incorporate meditation into my routine. Although no expert, I’ve found that meditation can help me feel a greater sense of gratitude, calm, and clarity. Importantly, meditation helped me feel and maintain a positive attitude all the time. I immediately dispelled any negative thought that did not align with my envisioned success.

I hope this review can help someone in their decision to choose Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra for their acoustic neuroma surgery. I myself got in touch with someone that had left a review for this same surgery with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra. Following my surgery, I actually met this person and their family. I consider this family as true friends and am grateful for their guidance. It’s a scary ordeal to learn of your diagnosis, but you don’t need to feel alone. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

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