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Five Star Review

"I would highly recommend Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra to anyone diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma seeking surgical intervention.  Dr. Hahn is very personable, professional and thorough in his approach to a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with this type of tumor.

All along the way, Dr. Hahn and his staff prepared me for the next step so there were never any surprises.  There was never a concern that I brought up to discuss that was glossed over and not fully addressed so that I could make the best decision for me.

Dr. Coimbra is a very skillful surgeon and successfully removed my entire tumor. While doing so, he managed to preserve my facial nerve, without damage, even though the tumor was adhered to the nerve.

Together, both of these surgeons skillful approach have led to a successful recovery and I am forever grateful for the incredible work they did."

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Five Star Review

"I would like to take a few minutes and talk about by experience and with Acoustic Neuroma and the fine folks at Dallas Ear Institute and Medical City.

I was 47 when I started to experience a loss of hearing in my left ear. It seemed clogged. I really wasn’t worried about the minor hearing loss as I thought I was experiencing sinus congestion which in turn would plug up my ear. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and he took a look. He concurred that I was suffering from spring related allergies and advised me to take a decongestant product and go about my merry way.

After a few months of hearing loss, my wife schedule an appointment with an ENT. He conducted a hearing test and due to his concerns, asked that I have an MRI. The doctor thought I might have an Acoustic Neuroma. His suspicions were confirmed and I was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma behind my left ear. He immediately referred me to Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra.

Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra were able to review my MRI and consult me on my medical options. Both of these gentlemen were direct and honest with me as to what my expectations should be. My surgery was scheduled and I prepared for a leave from work. I was prepared for a long surgery and I expected to wake up with some facial paralysis.

I must say that the skill and expertise that Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra demonstrated during my procedure resulted in a fantastic surgical result. The procedure was originally planned for 6-10 hours. These gentlemen completed the surgery in 5 hours with no damage to my facial nerve. I still have my smile! My life has changed due to my condition. I no longer have any hearing in my left ear and I’m working every day to improve my balance.

I am extremely thankful for Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra! They gave me the best possible outcome for my medical condition. I would also like to say “Thank You” to their wonderful staff. They answered every question I had and helped me with any paperwork that was needed for my absence from work. The nursing care that I received during my stay at Medical City was amazing. The staff was kind, skilled and thoughtful. Respectfully, Patrick Wallace McKinney, TX"

Five Star Review

"Dr. Hahn is a one-of-a-kind doctor. He is sympathetic to your needs, understanding, patient, and incredibly hard working. After my acoustic neuroma surgery, he checked on me daily while I was in the ICU (even over a weekend). If I had concerns after hours, he quickly got in contact with me to put me at ease. Since my surgery 3 1/2 years ago, we have remained in contact and he has continued to demonstrate his devotion and passion for his patients. Dr. Hahn is comforting to speak with and he will listen to any concerns you have. He values what you have to say and gives you thorough answers to any and all questions. I am grateful to have found Dr. Hahn and would recommend him to family and friends in a heart beat."

Five Star Review

"Best surgeon around for ENT and really cares about his patients. We call him the Picasso of ear surgery. He saved our son's hearing and is nothing short of a great doc."

Five Star Review

"My Acoustic Neuroma journey began in the fall of 2014. Being only 23 at the time of my diagnosis, my tumor was extremely large for my age. At 4.9 cm the tumor had begun causing some uncomfortable side effects like dizziness, migraines, and even hydrocephalus. My ENT immediately referred me to Dr. Yoav Hahn. Upon meeting Dr. Hahn, all of my concerns were immediately put to rest by his calm demeanor, incredible staff, and patience to answer every question that I had. Dr. Hahn explained to me that he wanted to do surgery as soon as possible to protect my facial nerve. Once my surgery date was set, he referred me to his colleague Dr. Coimbra, an incredible neurosurgeon. Both specialists told me their surgical plan and listened to my concerns, mainly facial paralysis and hearing loss. When my surgery date arrived on December 5, 2014, both Dr. Hahn and Coimbra made sure I was comfortable and aware of their plans. My surgery lasted 16 hours and the doctors kept my family well informed the entire time. During the surgery, Dr. Coimbra closely monitored my facial nerve function. Dr. Hahn worked diligently to remove as much of the tumor as possible. During my recovery in ICU, both doctors made special trips to visit me over the weekend to check my facial nerve function and to see how my recovery was going. I truly felt like they treated me like family and could tell that they genuinely cared about my comfort and recovery. After my discharge from the hospital, I ended up needing to contact an ophthalmologist about some ocular side effects. Dr. Hahn not only answered my call over the weekend, he made it his priority to get me in contact with the best ophthalmologist for what I was experiencing. To this day, I credit these two incredible men with saving my life. I was in an incredible amount of pain and stress before my surgery and these experts put me at ease with their bedside manner and empathy. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hahn and Dr. Coimbra for the hard work they did to make sure that I was treated and recovered successfully! I would recommend these two incredible doctors to anyone who is battling an Acoustic Neuroma." MR

Five Star Review

"Dr. Coimbra is one of the best neurosurgeons in the country! I had a very rare and extremely difficult brain tumor that he successfully removed. When I had my radiation treatments at Loma Linda University, a world-renowned expert in this particular type of tumor told me after reviewing my post-op MRI that Dr. Coimbra had done the best resection she had ever seen. Dr. Coimbra is a brilliant man and exceptional surgeon!"

Five Star Review

"Confidant not arrogant he was calm and had a sense of security that makes you feel like everything will be fine. I found out later that he will not allow another doctor to close the incisions. He is quoted saying, “I open, I close.” He wants to make sure it is done right and he takes pride in his work. He wants it to be the best for the patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Coimbra."

Five Star Review

"Dr. Coimbra was completely honest with me from the beginning. He let me know in advance what he was going to do and made me aware of the risks. He is an expert in his field, and he is totally trustworthy."


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